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Originally Posted by wolf_e39 View Post
yea that's what i had in mine as well do everything i can my self then give the car to the shop

yes i thinking the first thing i will do it get one of those paint corrector pens and fill everything in then lightly sand it and polish it and see how it will look,
if that fail i will take everything off the car and send it to the shop gotta be kidding me??

For the amount of time and effort in doing that? you'll have probably stripped and masked your car for paint. lol

There are different hardeners in the paint stick then professional applied paint. I've worked with touch up and found for some small things it's ok. but you gotta know what you're doing when you build up and sand down imperfections. if you feel like using your car as a learning tool -fine. But better off just giving to people who know what they're doing and pay the piper~~!

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