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Originally Posted by bmwm5lover View Post
This is what I did with my old M5, I removed everything I wanted to remove and dropped off the car ready to be sanded/imperfections fixed/painted. I saved myself about 1-1500$ by doing that. The shop that did it was RS auto in etobicoke, I can't say the job was 100%% but for the amount I paid I was more than happy with the result, in fact, I am going to go see him about painting my front bumper (it will be full of stone chips in one summer time anyway). Now that I am more handy with a proper polisher, many of the imperfections left by even the greatest body shops, can be corrected with some wet sanding and cutting/polishing.
Just some 2 cents.

Deep scratches with a paint touch up are possible, fill it, let it dry, wet sand it gently and then cut/polish.
yea that's what i had in mine as well do everything i can my self then give the car to the shop

yes i thinking the first thing i will do it get one of those paint corrector pens and fill everything in then lightly sand it and polish it and see how it will look,
if that fail i will take everything off the car and send it to the shop
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