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just wanted to update you guys on this topic
my car is dent free and all at the price of 0$
today a crazy idea come to mind after watching a few dent removal videos on you tube
so i busted out my exacto knife, screw driver, rubber hammer, small crowbar, a really big screwdriver and the peace of rubber i have previously removed from my break pedal when i got new pedal covers.

first thing first i removed the door card and cut a hole in the insulation thing that is glued on the actual door, in order to gain access to the back of the door.
next thing was to cut a peace of rubber from the break pedal cover ( i choose it because it is a really thick peace of rubber) and taped it to the tip of the big screwdriver.
now all i had to do was stick my hand in the door in order to feel where the dent was from the inside, once found i placed the screwdriver dead center on the dent and gave it a few hits with the hammer.
the rubber protected the metal from any damage and the dent popped right out.
now the door is nice and smooth the way it was before
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