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Random Monday Adventure

Went for a haircut in the morning. Saw these two beasts parked out front

My second C63 AMG Black Series of the week! Definitely WANT. Such a savage machine.

Decided to take some back roads before heading home, it was a beautiful afternoon.

4x4 status. I need to install my coils, asap.

Crappy Panoramic shot, but I love this hairpin.

Ran into a friend doing the same thing, on the same road. LOL!

We cruised more roads for the next two hours as he was test-running a route for next weekend.

On the way back, I got unbelievable fuel economy. Seeing I'll never see such good numbers again, I decided to snap a pic.

That's 7.6L/100km, or an astounding 31MPG! Cruise control was on at about 55mph with almost no stops on a 16mi drive.

My friend got some GoPro footage, hopefully one of my flybys w/ the new exhaust was recorded. I'll upload it if it is.
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