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Auto running rough in drive

The continuing saga of my girlfriend's '88 cab problems...continues.

When we got the car, it ran rough. We adjusted the valves, changed the cover gasket, new plugs, and put it all back together...and now it runs a lot worse.

At idle, it shakes quite a bit. When placed in Drive, however, everything gets worse. It feels low on power, sluggish, vibrating etc. Same with Reverse.

Neutral and Park, however, are far better, which is why I turn to the gods of maX for help. I know nothing about automatic transmissions, but it seems strange that a different gear should affect it so much.

My list of culprits so far include the vacuum lines, distro cap/rotor, spark plug leads, possible unbalancing due to two broken fan blades or perhaps bigger problems with timing and/or lifters.

Thanks in advance for any advice/compassion/soft mockery/offers of help.
I really want to get it back on the road for her.

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