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one freaky road rage sighting i saw was on my drive home down kingston road at around 1am. I got blown past and cut off by 2 vehicals, a sunfire and then a minivan. I slammed on my breaks because they both almost hit me with a crazy move like that. I got sort of pissed and raced up with them to see what the heck was going on. I see the two cars cutting eachother off constantly, and really aggressively. Then we all get stopped at a stoplight.
The guy in the van was in front of me, and the sunfire infront of him. The guy in the van steps out in a furious rage with a chain, and chain whips the guys windshield, and then on his way back to the van he chain whips the guy's tail lights.
If that wasn't crazy enough, the guy in the sunfire steps out ready to pound this guy (im scared shitless behind these two freaks), the other guy gets in his van and proceeds to ram the sunfire and push his car into the middle of the intersection i guess in hopes another car will smash into it. Needless to say when i saw this, i did a u-turn and got the hell outta there. i just can't understand why people act like this. it's stupid.

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