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do you realize what kind of work you'll be getting yourself into??? lol
I don't think anyone is going to help through and through. it's a HUGE job. if I were you I'd thoroughly investigate it before attempting since you're a newbie.

most importantly you will need a 5sp transfer case. Unless you get a 5 sp transmission with the transfer case attached. The auto and 5sp have different front housings.

parts requried: pedals
clutch and slave cylinders and lines
new seals on the transmission while you have it out. maybe good to check the shifter bushings as well while it's out. :-)
not sure about the front drive shaft but may be shorter.
the front and rear diff has a different ratio on a auto. 4:10 is what you have.
3:90 is what comes with a 5sp. you may or may not want to keep the set up you have
the car will be quicker with the 4:10 and 5sp.

Of course you also have the labour: exhaust system out, drive shafts out. rear diff out.
transmission out. and the list goes on...

still feel like doing it?? LOL!!

sorry, not to discourage but you'll also be into about a grand or more in used parts. plus replacements.

check with he's got a few parts cars. I know he's got a 5sp tranny with case.

I think I've had 18 bmw's in 6 years.

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latest addition 1 87 325is blk - parts.
latest addition as of 2013-Gold 87-325is auto! it's a keeper!
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