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Originally Posted by Arbioo View Post
I've seen some videos on youtube with these guys that open the rag top with just the FOB key...

I asked BMW and they told me they cant do that .. its only in the Europe..

Anyone locally that does this??? its apparently a computer mod that has to be done??
Thats BS, this can be done with NCSExpert, its just a matter of coding either your CVM or GM5 control unit (cant remember which one), 5min job. If you have the software (just google NCSExpert) you can do it yourself.

CVM - Vert Module
GM5 - Central Body Electronics

So basically what it is you need the cable (<$30) + software (all over the internet) and read out some of the parameters in the GM5 module:

KOMFORTOEFFNUNG_FB : convertible top opens by holding the open button on remote..Or opens all windows & sun roof on non convertible
KOMFORTSCHLIESSUNG_FB : convertible top closes by holding the close button on remote..Or closes all windows &sun roof on non convertible

Im pretty sure if you can set the above parameters to active, you will be able to drop top/close top with remote. I assume its currently deactivated.

Originally Posted by starbuck View Post
Isn't this an option on the computer that can be active, where you hold the lock/unlock button on the key to open and close the top?
Question OP, when you hold the unlock button, do your windows roll down?
yeah simple coding, when I got my car a few months ago it wouldnt do anything, now I can roll up/down windows, get blinkers to flash upon lock/unlock, lock doors at certain speed etc..

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