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Originally Posted by jabela View Post
Well, you might want to go to Costco to get it warrantied. I'm not sure what their policy is, but if it's like their return policy for electronics, they should rebalance your tires.

Hunter has a search for that.

I've heard people recommend Tires 23. Lots of places have them.

For aligment, I like Al Tech. They did a nice custom alignment for me for not too much $$$.

Al Tech Automotive Limited
384 Olivewood, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 2Z9
(416) 231-1611
Thanks Jabela for the address, so will take it back to costco and get it checked ,then check balancing, then check suspension components again, before doing the alignment.

Also noticed today that the vibration come in at around 100km/h but goes away at around 120-125km/h, wierd.

But will check wheels first.
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