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Thanks for the replies guys. Maybe I should have provided more info, so this is what happened replaced FCAB and the very next day I bought a new set of summer tires and installed them on my summer rims. Since i bought my car in winter (December) I almost immediately put winter tires on so and I dont recall having any vibrations at high way speeds on the Old CAB + Old Summer tires/rims. Winter tires/rims + Old CAB fine : no vibrations
New Summer tires/rims+ New bushings : Problems (too much feedback and vibration at highway speeds)

I had the tires installed at costco - where they were balanced. Pretty sure they would have told me about a bent rim etc.. then again you never know. Or maybe it was a recent pothole - will have it checked for balancing again.

Would an alignment issue cause this? I thought alignment would just cause the car to pull in a certain direction.

Originally Posted by blakneto View Post
something aint right... did you put the bushing on yourself? they may not be completely seeded properly.

or something else is broken or failing...
got it done by a buddy, everything was well seated at the time.

Originally Posted by pawelgawel View Post
did you have this issue before the new bushings? ballenced wheels?
No, but had winter tires on steelies

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Did you get an alignment after? You need one after changing them. You probably have a wheel that needs balancing too. Your old, worn bushings may have hidden the problem.
Yeah should prolly get one, could be the play in the old bushing that hid this

Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post
It is suspension related and almost anything suspension related, an alignment is recommended, but many people don't do them.

CABs effect caster, if the old bushings were worn the alignment could have be done based off the worn settings, now that the CABs are back to spec, it could have thrown something else off.

Make sure everything is tight in your front end, check ball joints, tie rods, etc. If everything check outs, have your wheels checked for balancing. Did you swap back to your summer wheels after doing the work? Could a wheel weight have fallen off? Could you have hit a pothole and bent a rim recently? Wheels are the most common source of vibrations, have those checked before digging deeper.
I dont have any records on the PO doing any alignments, and the old bushings that came off were factory, so i dont know if an alignment was ever done. During the install we checked for any play in other components : ball joints/tie rods etc - and everything seemed tight - no play at all. Im starting to think it maybe the summer rims, but if it were the rims why would the vibration start above a certain speed? Its fine at city speeds? Any way will check tires first.
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