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Originally Posted by david.toledo View Post
oh look...your'e selling some cigars? so you have to bash my for sale thread calling out they are fake.. ive sold haundreds of boxes to friends and clients, they all happy and know their cigars like i said.. maybe in a nicer way.. shut up, mind your own sale
Nothing to do with my FS thread. Robustos and petit coronas are not going to appeal to the same people.

I would be a buyer of your Cohibas at your price if you gave more evidence that they real. "I'm Cuban" doesn't cut it for me since every time I have been offered fake cigars, it was by a Cuban.

Are the boxes sealed? Date and factory stamped on the bottom? Can you post/email pics?

If anyone wants to verify cigars, you can enter the serial number on the Habanos website:

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