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I am off tomorrow to get the car smoged for the last time hopefully. I had an O2 go out just before I had a test section made. The last few week I have had o drive the car around with a test section in that is bouncing around a little under the car. It is freaking me out a bit that it is going to break something as there none of the brackets are installed. Car hates having to work through 100 cell race cats and 2 high efficiency cats. Car is also being dropped off tomorrow for rear sub frame and diff upgrade to 3.91s

So I have had some parts installed a tad out of order. I had custom seat brackets made to have the Recaro seats installed. I had to have them made as I am using the sliders so the wife can drive the car still. I sit about the same height as the stock power seats. The goal was to drop weight and sit lower. I could get about a inch lower if I went to a non fixed slider but as mentioned above the wife needs to drive the car. Here are some quick pics of the seats installed.

Can you say Pile Of Parts!

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