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So I did something stupid. I made it so I do not have to smog the car anymore but in order to do that I needed to so one last smog test. Well because of a minor oversight on my part, I was thrown into the idle and 2500 idle test group. In years past, I was able to pass the smog text because of yee old friend pictured below. The test was the rolling 20mph and 30mph tests. I passed with race software, 100 cell race cats and all the other intake / engine mods. All you need it the blue and orange can to make any car pass the sniffer =)

As I have to do the idle test, I fail that by 19 points but pass the 2500 test better than a Prius LOL. So I am off Friday to get a test section to pass the idle part only. This will be the last time is have to smog whoohooo.

Still waiting on the cam from Bekkers so I can start putting all the goodies on. Trying to time it to be done all at once as the car will be mostly apart.

Oh and the car just went over 59K finally =)

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