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I did a drive last weekend with some local NorCal guys up HWY 1 on a 189 mile loop. (345 miles total for me). For those who say there is not a major change between the CSL/ZCP steering rack and OE need to take it on a super twisty road. Like most I did not feel a major change when driving surface streets and making tight turns in town. Hitting the back roads and taking hair pin turns is where I really felt a change. Bear with me as I try to explain. Before on a tight hair pin I would have fully crossed my arms over and still would need to turn more to make the turn. IE remove hand(s) and turn the wheel more. Now I do not exceed making a parallel X when having to crank the car over. Sorry best way to explain it. Bottom line is I just got my justification the cost was worth it. ESS software seems to make down changes and up changes in mode 5 a tad faster for a update there.

Here is one of the images of the drive. If you care to see some more images of the group drive I lead you can see them at Hopefully I will expand this website to the other states for the routes/photo places if anyone ever sends me routes and photo locations…..

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