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Finally was able to install one of the major parts on the M3 on Saturday 9/1/12. My wife’s father works for a Porsche/Subaru shop so I was able to get access to a lift so I could install the steering rack. I combined it with two oil changes as well. Might as well make the most of having a lift right. Below are the images of the day and the work done to the M3 and 1M.

Image of the wife driving the 1M to the shop. Nice morning AM drive on the free up to Auburn.

1M was up first as that was just in for a oil change. So needed it as it was almost 7000 miles. I know bad M owner but I have been busy.

The following images are of the install of the steering rack. Sorry for the crappy image quality as all I had was my Iphone. I forgot the good camera so this is the best I could do. The install of the steering was pretty straight forward and took about 2 hours to do the install. I also changed the oil as it was due.

The change in the steering is noticeable. I was concerned a little as some said they did not notice a change when they drove their M3 and a M3 with the competition steering rack. The steering feels sharper and I can notice I do not have to turn the wheel as much as I did before when making hard over turns. It is not major change but enough that makes the steering feel closer to the 1M which was my goal. I believe that if I did try the ZHP rack of a 330 it probably would feel a tight as the 1M does but I did not want to go that extreme. OK so enough talking from me, images of the work below.

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