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In October of 2011, the wife and I decided we wanted to say we have driven down ALL of HWY 1 or PCH. We took a week of work and hit the road. We had no plans, no pre-defined stops, just the open road and a map. All we knew was we wanted to stop at Disney Land and end up in San Diego. Other than that, it was all up in the air. If you have not done the PCH drive from SF to San Diego then you are missing out. Once you get to Monterey heading south you really hit some amazingly beautiful country. It is well worth the time off to take trip. We did the northern section in April of 2012 to complete the northern and southern sections. Below are the Images of the car on that drive.

Yes the wife was driving the car for the HWY leg to Monterey. We both have been on HWY 1 from SF to Monterey so no need to retrace what we have already done.

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