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Anyone here experienced with collections/debt ?

Quick question,

Hoping someone can answer this for me...diversed forum here with people from many walks of life.. plus everything is closed right now, and my lawyer friend is on vacation.

I pulled my TRANSUNION today, ( I do every year..) and noticed 1 thing in COLLECTIONS...

Apparently RBC is saying that I had an overdraft account for $560 back in 2004, that I never paid?

So, I contacted RBC, they don't know anything other then they washed their hands AUGUST /2005 (discharged?) and sent it to now the 4th collection agency.. and these guys decided to report it to my bureau, and the effective day is NOV 22nd/ 2012, REPORTED DEC 5th /2012.. I spoke with an RBC rep, and they CANT even access my files since they can't go back until 2006, and I would have to contact their internal service for archive records..

, I didn't know about any of this, since they did not have any of my contact information since I moved to a different address and changed numbers.. and apparently the guy that bought the old house was re-sending them the mail! lol...

Anyways, I understand that the statue of limitiations I am EXCEPT to pay any monies, they cant get their money, they cant sue me, no liens on properties, etc.. BUT.. its on my credit report with no status.., it doesnt effect my credit score apparently, but they said they are allowed to report it and it will sit on my credit bureau until I pay it..

its now currently $960 with interest, and they claim to be charging me .33 cents/per day , but would settle for the initial $560 i apparently owe them?

Anyways, should I just pay these ****ers and get it over with?? Or do I have any other recourse...

Do they have the right to have this placed on my credit bureau? The last activity has been 8 years now!!

Oh yeah, they totally ****ed up on some delinquency thing aswell, claiming my first delinquent date was nov 22/2012??? The RBC rep was shocked to hear this.

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