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Group buy: eurocharged ECU flash (GTA)

Just trying to get a group buy going for an ecu flash, from eurocharged. He's located in Toronto, so wanted to see if anyone was interested. I've got about about 15 interested so far between mercedes vw and audis. eurochaged is obviously onboard as well. I dont have any pricing yet because it is individual pricing depending on the car. So if your interested I'll add you to the list Ive got going and get back for pricing. Just post if your interested, and year and model of car your looking at getting done.

-eurocharged, if your not familiar is a very reputable company and there has been nothing bad said about them. From what I understand the flash goes undetected, and makes a world of difference.

So once again post what car and year, motor type to would help, and i'll add you to the list.

The more the merrier! and cheaper!!
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