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Originally Posted by 325Eee View Post
I'm going crazy trying to find replacement tires for my car. Here's what I have now:

Tires: (VERY worn Yokohama AVS ES-100's)
Front: 205/60R14 (14" bottlecap rims)
Rear: 205/60R14 (14" bottlecap rims)

H&R 1.25 lowering springs
Koni Shocks
Eibach front/rear sway bars
Front strut bar
Polyurethane bushings

I have Yokohama AVS ES-100's all around but unfortunately they're discontinued. It also seems like the SIZE is going extinct as well! I am having a very hard time finding anything in 205/60R14's.

I did find some BFGoodrich Radial T/A (Performance All-Season) on tirerack but they're 215/60R14's. Will they fit my car without the need for spacers and/or rubbing?? I keep reading about 215's rubbing the FRONT only so if that's the case, I don't have an issue installing 195's in the front and 215 in the rear.

Thanks in advance for your input!

PS: The 'stock' size for my car is 195/60R 14 but I'd like to improve performance as much as I can.
There is only one 14" tire still produced that will drive at a performance level at or above your ES100s. All of the all-seasons suggested above will be a dramatic decrease in dry performance from what you have now.

195/60/14 Falken RT-615K.
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