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Originally Posted by BMW_M_POWER View Post
Excessive "Poke and stretch" is only for appearance and not practicality. I can go over plenty of reasons why its bad:

1) Rims exposed to more curb rash since there is no more tire wall protection
2) Excessive inflation required to prevent heavy wear on edges
3) Possibility of tire coming off the bead
4) Premature wear and tear on suspension components

I can only agree that mild setup is acceptable but again that is my opinion and people are allowed to do what ever they want.
I fully and respectfully disagree with regards to the setup being impractical.

1) If you need a bubbly tire to protect your rim from curb rash, then you probably shouldn't park so close to curbs to begin with.
2) False. I always ran OEM inflation specifications. Never had any issues due to tire pressures.
3) It's possible, but not all that probable. Unless of course it is a VERY extreme stretch that is put under stressful conditions, then yeah.
4) False.

I have had everything from 235/35/19 all the way to 275/30/19 on my old 9.5" wide wheels. Each setup (235, 245, 255, 265, and 275) was at some point thrashed without remorse on the track (mostly at TMP Cayuga). Not once did the tire size ever have a detrimental effect attributable to the stretch. I did burnouts, peel outs, drifts, anything and everything imaginable to stress the tires to their absolute limits and never experienced any failures or concerns whatsoever. Some might consider the 235 on a 9.5" to be an extreme stretch, or my 235 on a 10" - others may consider it mild. Depends where you fall on the spectrum. Regardless, the impracticality claims that are rampant online are purely based off wild conjecture and perpetuating hearsay than actual experience, even if anecdotal.

But, as I said before, to each his own.
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