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Originally Posted by dbworld4k View Post
You may not be but many others are. No need to call it "crap." Everyone has different taste - what's appealing to you may not be to another, and vice versa. And there are loads of BMW guys running mild stretch and poke setups which look amazing. Extreme stretch and poke may be more common in the VW/JDM crowd though.

Anyways, best of luck with your video, OP.
Excessive "Poke and stretch" is only for appearance and not practicality. I can go over plenty of reasons why its bad:

1) Rims exposed to more curb rash since there is no more tire wall protection
2) Excessive inflation required to prevent heavy wear on edges
3) Possibility of tire coming off the bead
4) Premature wear and tear on suspension components

I can only agree that mild setup is acceptable but again that is my opinion and people are allowed to do what ever they want.
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