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Fil! I can always count on you for great advice.

Chains and guides are engine work. This sounds pricey, and scary. I'm guessing the design of the M62 is just not nearly as robust as the M52 that I once had in my E36?

Door handles will get broken - physically or electronically? This car has 230k km and looks like it was handled by an old man for a while. I'm not sure how much life the car has left in it.

I'm in Waterloo and the only shop I know of is German Autotech. However, I've heard mixed reviews. How many of the problems that you mentioned do you think an average auto garage (or can you recommend a german auto garage) shop should be able to identify? I assume the all the leaks and the rubbers should be easily seen, as well as the springs.

The chains and guides won't give any indication will they?
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