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^^ This. I wouldn't give a shit about "paying my dues" for doing something wrong if insurance wasn't basically organized crime. But because there is no justice, none, in our system, I have no issue dragging every single ticket through the arduous and expensive legal process to get out of it.

Side note, I was in court last year and watched someone get a $100 fine for driving without a license. She didn't forget it, it wasn't an emergency, she didn't have a learners permit even, she just decided to drive around. She had NO legal license to drive and what did she get? A $100 fine. Also, because of her student sob story she got 3 months to pay it. WTF? I was there to plead guilty to a 407 violation which cost me $150. If the judge had given me a hard time I was fully prepared to say well maybe I'll just cut my license in half and drive without one, it's apparently cheaper.

As a licensed driver I guess I am just far more dangerous

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