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Your Opinions On What I Should Do Next!!!

Soooo.... i have extra e34s, a 1994 540i/A.... and a 1991 520i... i have a couple of ideas.... my 520i body is in way greater shape then the 540, and the tranny in the 540 is finished... an idea i had was part the 540, taking the diff and all the important stuff like larger rear brakes for my 520i turbo... and pull the engine of the 540 and put it in the 520i non turbo... i would then take the m50b20 out of the 520i (non turbo) and build it with forged internals, low comp pistons and make it nice and ready for 20+ psi of boost!.... then put it in the 520i turbo and have a spare engine... .... im not doing this all right away... still have a few tings to do on the turbo... just let me know what you guys think!!


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