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Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
Yeah I bought a new tank in the US. It was $188 shipped, but I shipped it to my uncles house in the US and he brought it over for me.

I already bought eccentric bolts and washers meant for an E46. I just need to make sure they are long enough. I'm going to machine the adjuster brackets out of some scrap flat bar at work.
Oh thats a fantastic price! When I dropped my tank i couldn't find a replacement for cheap which is why i went to a cell. Good call on that though!

Oh cool, you'll have to post pictures, i am interested in seeing how that turns out.

Originally Posted by karmatose View Post
I've got a set of these ready to go on my car:

Bought them last year before I knew there was eccentric style camber adjusters and offset control arm bushings in the car already. When I switch up the suspension this upcoming winter, I'll install them then. Petty cool piece and much less hassle to adjust than the eccentric style ones.

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Ya I am not sure these would be easier to adjust in the car, I went with the other style because they seem more robust and adjustment is simply loosening and turning the bolt.
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