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Originally Posted by karmatose View Post
I've got a set of these ready to go on my car:

Bought them last year before I knew there was eccentric style camber adjusters and offset control arm bushings in the car already. When I switch up the suspension this upcoming winter, I'll install them then. Petty cool piece and much less hassle to adjust than the eccentric style ones.

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I put these on last year, seem to work good for me. Adjustment is not too difficult. I boxed in around them too, I dont know if its really nessecary though.
Its probably obvious, but make sure to check for clearence of the tabs before you bolt the subframe back in. I had to shave some off of the top of the outer most tab to clear the frame. And, some off the top of the inner tabs so they didnt hit the floor.
There's a good thread on R3V on this, should check it out before you install.
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