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Originally Posted by Nick_V View Post
how does it behave on cold starts? Did you stomp test it to see what codes are stored?
cold start it'll idle at 1k rpm then go back down to 600 after the engines warms. Idle will also bounce a bit after near redline.

stomp test revealed a lambda, but that was from the sea form I did a few weeks ago...after I reset it there have been no more codes

Doing more research on this, it has to be a vacuum leak I missed.

If I put my foot down, I instantly experience a loss in power (sometimes almost complete loss). But if I accelerate normally then there's no problem. I am thinking the high pressure at full acceleration is opening up a hole and keeping it open, while at normal acceleration there isn't enough pressure to get the hole open, so I don't experience its problems.

And Im thinking the reason I lose power is the MAF is registering no air flow so the computer is cutting the fuel, which explains the serve power loss?
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