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Everyone knows Insurance companies are one of the biggest “legal” frauds in this world. They make $billions$ every year and now have cut their expenses and OUR coverage by about ½ while increasing our rates for no reason at all.

Yes, GTA has many fraudulent insurance cases, but how is this any reflection on those who obey the laws and regulations. Those individuals are gouged left and right by everyone with greedy paws. OP, if you can, use an outside postal code. It’s not a fraud. No one can tell you where to “live” and where to “work”.

My blood boils when I hear someone defending insurance companies... we pay thousands every year and when it comes to a small claim in 10-15 years, the rates double or triple for the next 5-6 years. A speeding ticket worth 10km over should not increase your rates!

Insurance is a Business, and business is a gamble, you win some you lose some. But for “them” it’s always a win, no matter how you look at it. They pass on their expenses to the people no matter what the circumstances are, just like the Oil industry.
It should be Government regulated, and it shouldn’t punish good drivers for proud ownership of their vehicles.

.... there.. ok. im good now
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