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Good idea, poor execution I think.

The documentary is meant to document and educate the audience about a certain topic, I think Halcyon is going about it the wrong way, it's like they just want to get paid and educating people and getting the word out is not their primary focus.

There is a lot of quality content available on youtube, and channels that do things right make a lot of money off the advertising. If the makers were confident that what they are making was any good, they wouldn't need to charge for it. Hell maybe they would get more business by showing off what 'Halcyon Photography' is capable of, assuming it's good, they'd get a lot more business that way.

I hope they own all the rights for the music they are using, I'm sure the producers of the music wouldn't want it being used for commercial purposes.

Just my $0.02, maybe one day it will show up on youtube

Check out, for a list of events coming up...
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