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I know the OP wasn't involved in the creation of this trailer, but since we're all piling on: I thought the second half was fine. Once it picks up steam, it moves along nicely and holds together a bit better.

There is room for improvement, though. Here are two notes:

1. The music (Explosions in the Sky?) is totally wrong and makes the whole thing feel like a bit of a high school project. It's too... proud? Too 2004? It suggests that the filmmakers are trying to mythologize their subject rather than documenting it.

2. Also, the title card about a minute in ("a documentary film of the aftermarket car culture") contains a prepositional error. You can potentially use 'about' or 'on,' but using 'of' just grates. Preposition selection is part of the middle school curriculum. Literally. These are not the sorts of errors that should make it to a finished product.
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