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Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
Listen, the reason for a trailer and I believe your post originally was to get people hyped about the final video and to hopefully get people to buy it.

I've bought my share of racing/car "documentaries" and I'm not trying to be mean or put you or the production down here... but the trailer blows. I was hoping I would see what these guys are trying to accomplish here, something that would make me want to possibly order the movie, but it was weak and absolutely didn't deliver at all.

Maybe you can let them know and have them revise the trailer, that would be my constructive criticism in regards to the move.
My post originally if you read it was to try and gather people or to find out when and where the track events/autocross/meets were happening between now and may 15th, the trailer was in there to give people a visual idea of what I'll be filming for. I've passed on the suggestions but this far in I doubt they will make a new trailer. You're the only person so far that think the trailer blows completely and I dont mind that because I'm sure the ones you have seen have been on a much bigger and more professional scale. But if and when I do ever do my own type of documentary or when I start brain storming for a cinematic feature, I'll come back to you and get some advice, but as for this one, whats done is pretty much done. Now lets get back on topic, whos going to the powerade center for the autoslalom? And are there any other track events or anything coming up?
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