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Originally Posted by zenaissance View Post
Sounds great. I might do the same. For you I would simply advise driving with your current kit a little bit more, getting used to its power and delivery before moving up to the 550 and then 575. You just got your kit installed and barely acquainted with it. Besides the weather is still not warm. Drive it a bit in warm weather, then hot- enjoy it and spend more time with it, then go for it. There really isn't any hurry to upgrade that much- let ESS work out some of the testing and expecting kinks in the first production run. These kits are a blast and will last for awhile.
i got about 1000km on my kit and its lots of sucks this week. i'm planing to track my car a lot so i need intercooler with meth set up and this kit look good to me hehe. im waiting now for my toyo r888 to arrive. and them im ready for some track sessions(already register for april 26-27 mosport gp track and cayuga is already open). and its my toy

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