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Originally Posted by richie_s999 View Post
There is no e36 motor that can keep the awd system same with a v8 swap

Well unless you can engineer an oil pan to bolt the front diff on and run an axle shaft through.

You loose the awd system with those swaps.

Your looking at turbo or s/c for big power, but then you have a car that's 3wd, cause its an open front diff, so not sure how well it will work, also not sure what power the viscous transfer case and viscous LSD can handle.
To spin all 4 wheels, you would need a significant amount of power. My 320awhp WRX would spin through first if I launched off a the ALS. It wouldn't spin into second. My friend 600awhp EVO had a open front diff and would spin half way into second on a sticky tire.

An M20 would highly unlikely make enough power to have an issue with traction. And if it did, it would be something a good tire could fix, or it would, like you said, break drivetrain parts.

AWD ftw...

And a DOHC swap can be done on an iX>
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