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They are a quite firm and when the roads get rough it's not exactly a comfortable ride. You can definitely feel if you are running over a nickle or a dime, but by the same token they never ever lose their composure, never skitter, never give you anything you weren't expecting. The car changes direction amazingly, transitions are super predictable in all scenarios, it just makes me smile every time I take it a "test drive." Unfortunately my car is on it's last legs, the body just went to shit this winter, got a new DD so it's time for this one to go. If these don't sell, I will just keep them for another car down the road. I was about to order shorter 450/600 rate springs, which is exactly 1/3 softer, and I suspect that it would have been perfect for the street. People can't believe the spring rates, the dampers really do a good job hiding the monster rates (for a street car).

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