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Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
He possibly had suspicions that his installations might have been used for illegal activities, but he didn't actually know for sure.
$800,000 stuffed into a hidden compartment of a vehicle is just suspicious? While I agree this is just the government making an example of someone, he exercised very poor decision making. There should be no doubt in any sane persons mind that this guy knew full well what he was making these compartments for, especially with people in Tijuana asking him to do work. A compartment behind your seat which is only accessible after a very precise combination of functions is suspicious, that compartment being full with nearly a million dollars of cash removes all suspicion. Playing dumb isn't an excuse.

The argument for this guys defense should not be the ludicrous one of claiming ignorance, it should be the ridiculousness of the actual charges. He is by no means a drug trafficker.

Originally Posted by sirex View Post
It's a pretty obtuse statement to make, that "HE' enabled drug and money laundering.

He didn't enable you're right, but he knowingly profited off the demand for compartments to make such actions easier. Anyone who thinks he wasn't fully aware of what he's doing is either an idiot or looking for an argument. I don't agree with his punishment, but he certainly knew what he was doing.

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