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^ I just checked that one as well.. its all tight and clean. I ran the OBC on the cluster, voltage test, and its 14.1 while running, 11.6 when off (but this could be due to the overuse of lights the day before trying to find the root of this issue).

I did scan the car with PASoft 1.4, here is the read out

for Srs 50[080] Power supply, undervoltage

for Zke 07[007] Anti-theft system: Siren, Radio interior protection, Tilt alarm sensor or Wire STDWA short circuit to ground or open circuit
4F[079] Passenger mirror: Potentiometer axel 1/3

for Smf 0C[012] Power supply hall sensors, short to batt+

so it seems like a short somewhere here ^ ??? I thought it would be the tensioner as well but nothing came up on the scan
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