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Originally Posted by 3x Beemer View Post
Are you saying slave cylinder drive pin, clutch fork etc are unique to the SMG?
I think not.
Ever have an auto slushbox repaired on a BMW? Then again try and find a modern day manual trans in a new BMW. I walked around local dealers lot and found only 1 manual in his whole inventory.
Ah.. no. . But I think that if I had a manual tranny I would have noticed something much sooner by the feel of the pedal / clutch. When I did notice some odd behavior the diagnostic codes were so vague it could have been anything at all in the transmission but it pointed mainly to the pump. I rolled the dice and replaced it which helped a little. From then on the computer didn't detect any problems yet somehow there was smoke pouring from every orifice of my transmission one day. When I hooked my laptop up there were no codes to be read. Very odd. SMG tranny issues are notoriously hard to diagnose and VERY expensive while doing so. The number of components which can go wrong is higher, and each one is very very expensive.

I don't understand what your second point is.

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