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Tranny all back bolted up, car started and runs like a charm now. The loose flywheel looks to be the sole cause of the knocking. The open exhaust sounded great and I'm really looking foreword to getting back on the road now.

Made a bracket to support the shifter carrier rear bushing as I don't have the chassis tabs like later models... Couple of bolts fixed that

Used an offset selector rod pin that should leave a bit of room for the guibo -- haven't test fitted it yet, may still have to bend the linkage a bit

May need a bit more trimming but got the intake sitting pretty nicely

Annnndddd got my Momo bolted on. Looks even sweeter in place than I thought

Now just the driveshaft, exhaust, itty bitty bit of wiring for the tuck and getting the front spindles back on (still need stock drop hats!)

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