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So I brought the car out of storage yesterday. I took it for a rip around the block just to get a little taste before it would be going on blocks for the next few weeks. First order of business was obviously to drain the coolant and pull the intake manifold so that I could test fit my ITBs...

Over all I was relieved to see that everything fit into the car more or less how I predicted it would. The set-up clears the brake booster and will clear the strut brace when it's in place. The only real interference is with the upper heater core hose which I already figured would be an issue.

However after looking at it, it shouldn't be too hard to reroute. If I can find a hose with a tight 90 degree bend I can run the upper line down behind the booster, either that or I'll trim the rib on the tip off of the inlet and solder on a 90 degree copper fitting that I can attach a hose to. Now I just need to figure out the throttle cable set-up as well as what I'm going to do for air filters. The angled velocity stacks are still on the table too.

Happy Easter
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