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Need Help with Electrical issue

original thread

So the seatbelt light and airbag light stays on the dash and radio flickers on/off... most of the time the radio just turns off and won't come back on.

Voltage is 13.9 with high beams, AC, and Radio on. Began playing around with fuses and #11 for airbag seemed to give some kind of response with shutting off the radio every time I tried to put the fuse back into socket.

The high beams flicker very faintly (hard to see but they do). Voltage regulator was changed on the alternator and voltage is steady at 13.8-13.9. battery is also at 12.5 when all off.

Any GOOD shops in GTA that can take on this riddle? I don't want to start dumping $$$ for this annoyance. I know the battery is fine and Alternator seems to charge very well as well.

Please direct me to someone who truly understands these cars electrical system.
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