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Good luck OP, it's a tough market out there for recent grads, some industries are booming but are hesitant to overstaff, while others have been slumping for a while. Just put your nose to the grindstone and hit it like the fist of an angry god, and you should be fine.

HavocSteve, your ignorance never ceases to amaze me. You're probably going to come back with some diatribe about how you know this or that, but when it comes time to put pen to paper, you're going to get slapped in the face so hard your head will spin. It takes several years of hard work before coming close to that $75k figure especially as a CET, as it takes much longer to get a P.Eng through that stream and without it you're pretty much an engineer's bitch, for the most part, unless you're willing to whore yourself out to a remote location doing high-school level work (Fort McMurray - been there, done that on co-op). There are always exceptions to the rule however, and I wish you the best of luck but you definitely need to check your attitude. Everyone else can smell the truth, and it reeks.

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