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The few days of warm weather have hopefully melted enough snow to allow me to get my car out of storage this weekend so that I can get it up on the stands to start working on my hit list. My current list is as follows...

1a) Replace leaking gas tank
1b) To make 1a easier drop rear subframe... and while it's down machine and weld in adjustment plates for camber and toe. (I already bought the E46 eccentric bolts and washers, in total it should end up costing me about half of what the kits usually cost)
1c) While I'm back there re-install ebrake cables that got cut out when I did the subframe bushings back in 2010

2a) Pull front of motor apart to replace the oil seal spacer on the crank that is causing an oil leak.
2b) Retard the timing on my cam a bit because I think it's way too advanced right now based on my dyno plot from last year.

3) Test fit ITB set-up and make any adjustments necessary so I can move forward with that project.

4a) I'm also considering modifying my spare set of strut housings to swap my GC coils onto because the first time around I should have cut more out of the housing. I'm pretty far down on the coil. I'd like to take more out of the housing and crank the coil further up so that I'm operating the shock within a better range rather than have it close to bottoming out all the time.
4b) If I do end up doing that I'll weld on tabs to run an M3 style end link.
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