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FS: 1998 M3 Sedan 5-speed CLEAN $6700 almost $7k Recent Receipts Buffalo, NY

It hurts to offer this for sale but an e39m5 "fell in my lap" and I couldn't turn it down.

1998 BMW M3 Sedan, 5 speed, Silver on Black Leather. Clean title in hand. 3 owners 0 accidents (I'm the fourth but I never registered it, drove it on a dealer plate). No check engine light, no fault codes or warning lights. All the body panels have original vin stickers on them. 201k miles. Over $6700 in recent maintenance alone, with receipts, and that's just parts not labor. To be cliche, when people comment on my car the most often thing I hear is "clean."

Pulls hard.

VIN: WBSCD0324WEE12735

Format: Parts - How Many Miles On Them

Head Gasket/Bolts – 4k
Beisan Systems VANOS Rebuild Kit - 4k
Valve Cover/VANOS Gasket – 4k
OEM Radiator/Hoses/Thermostat/Aluminum Thermostat Housing – 4k
Graf Metal Impeller Water Pump – 4k
Expansion Tank/Cap/Coolant Level Sensor – 4k
Heater Valve/Hose – 22k
Camshaft Position Sensor –13k
Alternator/AC Belts – 17k
Tensioner/Idler Pulleys – 17k
Spark Plugs – NGK BKR6E – 24k
Oil Filter Housing Gasket -1k
Vanos Oil Line Crush Washers x2 -1k
Profile Gasket w/Bolt Seals (x15) -1k
Active Autowerke DME reflash -new

Koni Yellow SA Shocks/Struts – 18k
H&R Sport Springs – 18k
Meyle HD RSMs – 18k
UUC Red RTABs – 18k
Lemforder Tie Rods – 18k
Front Sway Bar Links – 18k
OEM FCABs – 20k
14.5mm Rear Spring Pads – 14k
DS Rear Ball Joint/Control Arm – 5k

Axxis Deluxe Front Pads – 34k
Brembo OEM Front Rotors – 24k
ATE Rear Pads/UUC Rear Rotors – 15k
8.5" M Contours in Front, Square Setup (Tires Need Replacement)
OR 7.5" M Contours Hankook V12 – Front – 2,556 - ~8/32 left
8.5" M Contour rearKumho Ecsta Supra 712 ~7/32 left
8.5" M Contours are on all 4 corners in pictures

Auto to manual swap - 29k
5-speed trans/driveshaft – 111k
Flex Disk – 29k
UUC Red Trans Mounts – 29k
UUC SSK – 29k
UUC Stage 1 Clutch/LW Flywheel – 25k
ZHP Weighted Shift Knob – 24k
5th Gear Fix – 24k
Release Bearing/Fork Lever Spring/Pivot Pin/Crankshaft Rear Seal/Fork Lever/Pilot Bearing/Trans Input Shaft Seal/Shift Lever Support Bushing – 24k
Clutch Master Cylinder – 4k
Slave Cylinder - 4k

Interstate MTP-91 Battery – 33k
Infinity Reference Components Front Speakers –36k
Rear Roundel – 10k
Exhaust Hangars – 5k
Bosch Icon Wiper Blades – 4k
Brake Light Switch - 4k
Ignition Tumbler -4k
Steering Column Lock -4k
Black Kidney Grills

Royal Purple Max Gear 75W140 Diff – 15k
Royal Purple Synchromax Trans – 15k
Royal Purple 10W40 Engine – 4k
ATE Super Blue Brake – 4k
BMW Coolant/Distilled Water – 4k


I have an excel file with more detail. It really feels like a crisp car. Holds a strong idle at the proper rpm's. A/C blows cold. No rattles or noises. Interior is in excellent condition, shows very little wear. Doors have that solid feeling when you close them. Has that precise feeling putting the key into the ignition. Handles incredibly.

The headliner was sagging a bit in the rear so I painted industrial staples black and secured the headliner in a uniform fashion, one line across above rear passenger's heads. Looks good. Paint has been touched up where needed, car has typical rock chips and scratches, to be expected. Going into 4th makes a little noise if you shift Vin Diesel hard, mostly when it's cold (I never really beat on it). Front speaker channels get fuzzy sometimes, I may have a spare factory amp (they're $30 on ebay). Left rear corner by the taillight pushed against something, it has been touched up with oem paint, same with the nose panel. Dimple on the trunk lid to the right of the license plate frame.

No problems other than what's listed. Southern car, I picked it up personally from Dallas, PA and stored it during Buffalo "winter." Never given me any problems. I drove it to Philadelphia, then NJ (for Gutenfest, e30 picnic) and back with no issues whatsoever.

It has received almost $7k in maintenance (just parts) in the past 4 years. Have receipts for everything, and can include e36m3 Bentley pdf.


(716) 725-5366 text or call

Located in Buffalo, NY. May be able to deliver via truck & trailer depending on location. Or I'm willing to pick you up at the airport if you want to drive it back, New York State issues temporary plates as long as you have insurance.

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