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So I decided to sit down and write up a plan of attack for my car. I kind of regret it, its such a big list of stuff

• Fix

Random battery drain
Hanger bearing
Clicking E-Brake
Passenger high beam
Foglights (or remove and install blanks)
General tune up stuff (filters, plugs, etc)

• Fabricate and/or Install

Front subframe reinforcement pieces
M3 sway bar Strut Tabs
Braided brake lines
Remake my X Brace that I made up for my old E30
Make a strut brace
Chop up the wiring harness to fit behind M3 firewall covers
Chop out bolts and drop steering column

• Stuff I'd like to do... but comes last

Get a new chip (TRM looks pretty appealing)
Fix the hackjob exhaust courtesy of the original shop that did the swap
Take a second stab at upholstry (driver seat bolster is meh)
Replace interior carpet
Find/buy and install the original motorized antenna
New shift knob and linkage (short, notchy shit in there now)
Sort out my wheel+tire situation

Kinda need most of this done for mid-April to be ready for track season. Fuuuuuuuuu....

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