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Originally Posted by EMPOWERD View Post
Going supercharger for a track car is a mistake IMO. I track a lot and have no problems passing S/C M3's on the straights with my N/A M3. Superchargers (and all the hardware associated with it) get way too hot. The heat soak from WOT really bogs down your power and taxes fluids & ultimately longevity of the motor. They design these kits to work fine for the street, but not nearly enough cooling for constant track-thrashing.
I have an ESS VT-445 Z4M Coupe and track it around 10 track days last year. Never had any overheating issues. Actually, the temps gauges barely moves after a 20min sessions.

On the other side, with my ex E46 M3 race car (NA setup), I was almost in the red zone of oem temp gauges after only 10 minutes. I had a big oil cooler, 55 thermostat, good fluids, ... But I was on the gas pedal a lot more than my Z4MC because the car was lighter, better suspension, better brakes, Pirelli slicks tires, ...

This year will be the real test for my Z4MC. It should be way faster than last season with all the upgrades I installed lately.
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