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Originally Posted by fold View Post
I've checked it on parking lot and even today (not intentional) while going to work.

on parking lot for example i drive straight and then make 90 degrees turn. I feel and even hear that asc is working. It corrects car's path, but of course with too high speed it needs driver corrections. While doing the same without asc car would make a circle.
Second test: on snowy road going straight i press the accelerator pedal to the floor and nothing happens car slowly accelerates becouse of asc throttle nearly closed
the same without asc is quite dangeorus, wheels rotate too fast, car goes left or right

third test: diagnostic tool doesnt report any errors
interesting. well to start with the asc wont throw a dtc. go through the fuses and see if any are blown. from what ive seen on the electrical diagram those 2 fuses are bridged fuse 27 is the actual fuse for the cluster illumination not sure what fuse 21 is but it is coming out of the abs/asc unit.

does your abs work?
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