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Originally Posted by fold View Post
No way, i like it pretty

I've got bentley manual. I'll check this
Please look at this manual
My car is E36 Compact 316i so 4-cylinder engine,
At page 204, 208 you can see ASC light, it is connected ASC control unit by PIN 15 (page 208) and PIN 12 (p. 204). Just thinking that it could one of these pins, one for turned off ASC, which actually works, and one for working (blinking) ASC, which is probably not connected.
Could somone confirm or deny my thoughts?
unfortunately that isn't correct. theres 2 wires coming out of the unit one for the abs light and one for the asc light. you spoke of pin 12 and pin 15 technically there the same wire but on different prods. whats on page 204 is early production and 208 is later production. based on the drawing you need to check the fuses in f21 and f27.

a question i have for you is how do you know the asc is indeed working aside from pressing the button and the asc light comes on.

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