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notorious is spot on.

and I love the "you cant beat bmw engineers" kind of lines. Yes because the engineers are designing something on your car for all out performance? errr no. Theres a huge weight on sound suppression(which is somewhat complicated while keeping flow) ,packaging and cost etc.

If they wanted max power without a care for anything else you would see a tube sticking straight out of the headlight lol

A lot of other factors which people dont typically have exposure too go into designing many things on all cars including bmw's. Bmw is quite profitable company(I think they may be number 1 actually) for a whole host of reasons...and one of which is saving money in all kinds of places on the car.

Im tired of people thinking millions of dollars will go into "design and research" on *insert car part here*, and you just cant beat them by doing something on your own. It just doesnt work that way.
There are so many constraints they have to work around , that for someone coming in after the fact who doesnt care or have to worry about all of them, can usually find some hp on the table. obviously for an intake its not going to be earth shattering but theres power there...combined with other small increases elsewhere usually adds up to a decent difference.

Of course not executed properly someone can lose power. But generally its a balancing act of how much power you make and where that power is. Its all in the sum of the parts.

that said for me personally an intake mod has been more about the experience(sound) than the all out hp gains. Same goes for muffler mods(if any)
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