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Originally Posted by petevw View Post
I'm my experience, cars show signs of wear and need suspension rebuilds around the 185-225kms mark. Look around at cars for sale with mileage in the early to mid 200's and they all have some form of recent ballpoint/tierod/bearing/strut mount/bushing...etc - maintenance done.

That is why I say this car needs nothing and shouldn't for awhile. Mind you, this is a BMW, and also a M at that; so plan to turn your wallet upside down and give it a shake every so often. The car game is a disease some of us are plagued with. I need an intervention. Lol.
true story - of course there will be things that go on the car in the next few thousand kms and need work - but good luck finding something out there that has been maintained in this condition for this price..
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