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Originally Posted by SiR View Post
I dont want to ruin your thread but this is false. Unless you refreshed the old plastic and rubber(mainly bushings)it will need quite a few things to be tip top. Not that its rolling down the road like a jalopy(not even close) but old rubber and old plastic degrade with age. Nothing you can do about that. But anyone serious about this car should be aware of that already. Like I said your asking price is fine(actually its pretty great deal imo)
I'm my experience, cars show signs of wear and need suspension rebuilds around the 185-225kms mark. Look around at cars for sale with mileage in the early to mid 200's and they all have some form of recent ballpoint/tierod/bearing/strut mount/bushing...etc - maintenance done.

That is why I say this car needs nothing and shouldn't for awhile. Mind you, this is a BMW, and also a M at that; so plan to turn your wallet upside down and give it a shake every so often. The car game is a disease some of us are plagued with. I need an intervention. Lol.
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